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Allergy Polyclinic

Allergy can be defined as the excessive reaction of our body’s immune system to things that are not from it. There are two important points in this definition. Firstly; factors that are not a part or building block of our body, but somehow come into contact with our body. For example; food, pollen, insect bites, drugs, animals… The systems of the human body that relate to the outside world, such as our skin, gastrointestinal system or respiratory system, do not remain unresponsive to what is happening in the environment. It reacts to protect and defend itself. The second important point is that this reaction is excessive in some people.

Allergy and immunology cover a wide range of topics, in particular the state and physiological functions of the immune systems of organisms when they are healthy or diseased, as well as immunological disorders (e.g. autoimmune disorders) caused by inappropriate functioning of the human immune system.

The main solution for the treatment of allergies is the elimination of the allergy-causing agent. For many people, simply avoiding allergens can alleviate the discomfort to a great extent and eliminate the symptoms. However, if symptoms and signs begin to interfere with daily life and work, a doctor should be consulted.

What is Prick Test?

The skin prick test is a test with readily available respiratory and food allergens, latex or (less commonly) drugs. It is used to diagnose allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, contact urticaria and food and drug allergies.

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